An Experimental Adventure Game


MONOCULAR is an experimental adventure game about a cyclops living on a lonely, grey island in the midst of a black sea. One day, he stumbles and falls, whereby his eye falls out of its socket. From this day on, the cyclops can throw his eye around the island and thereby see his world from other points of view.

Platform: PC / Mac, VR option (Oculus Rift)

Idea behind

MONOCULAR lets the player experience unusual perspectives, whereby the body and the eye of the character are separately controllable. The game is about the development of the protagonist and his environment which mirrors the character’s psyche and evolves during the game. There are five different levels or phases the player has to go through which are inspired by Elisabeth Kübler-Ross’s model of the five stages of grief. Each phase varies in gameplay. The game doesn’t want to be played too easily and at times works a little against the player. The main focus of the game is the topic of perspective and one’s subjective perception. The game poses the question of objectivity which can never be fully achieved within the game. Through its ambiguity it is left open for interpretation.


Move: W/A/S/D
Throw eye: Space bar
Interaction: Focus the interactable objects with the middle of the screen (stare at them)

State of Development

The prototype of the game is fully playable and has been exhibited at various game design festivals. There’s a remastered version in development. The game isn’t publicly available yet but is planned to be released some time in the future. 

Game Design & Development – Helen Galliker

Developed as a Bachelor’s project at Zurich University of the Arts.

Technologies used

Unity 3d (C#), Oculus Rift DK2, Blender, Logic, Photoshop




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